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monthly sampler march 2023

ABV Chicago Monthly Sampler: March 2023

Each month, we like to highlight twelve drinks we found personally interesting, delicious, or exciting from (mostly) local sources with the hopes of passing on our recommendations to those that are interested in reading arbitrary reviews. Some of these were...

old irving of lochs and monsters

Of Lochs and Monsters | Old Irving Brewing

Even so often, we here at ABV Chicago manage to time things up just right. Case in point – March 2023. We’ve done an Irish Red show and I’ve reviewed Off Color’s Drowning Shamrock, all in honor of March’s only...

3 floyds zombie ice

Zombie Ice | 3 Floyds

It seems like when you make a smash IP – whether it be a movie, video game, or even a beer – you run it into the ground. Jurassic Park? Six movies have been released in the series (I honestly...