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3 floyds zombie ice

Zombie Ice | 3 Floyds

It seems like when you make a smash IP – whether it be a movie, video game, or even a beer – you run it into the ground. Jurassic Park? Six movies have been released in the series (I honestly...

brown ales

Episode 363 – Brown Ales

Though it may not be considered all that popular, the brown ale is resilient. Craft brewers have been making them for decades, and even now it’s more common to see a hyped-up brewery release a brown as a change-of-pace. To...

Episode 112 – Speedway Stout Grand Prix

We disengage our clutches and rev up our car metaphors for a whole show dedicated to the Speedway Stout from AleSmith. Mike Zoller from PorchDrinking joins us to taste five versions of this coffee-fueled, high-octane stout, and it’s a damn...

Episode 94 – West Coast Shelf Takeover

Man, it’s a hot one. We try five West Coast beers that have started popping up on Chicagoland shelves to determine if they’re worth your all-important dollar with our arbitrary reviews.