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crazy 8th

Episode 417 – Crazy 8th

Ushering in our 8th year of the podcast, this anniversary episode is a surprisingly sessionable trip down memory lane. Each host blindly leads the other through three beers of their choosing with the caveat being that all breweries must be...

spiteful jingle balls

Jingle Balls | Spiteful Brewing

Time really flies. Somehow Spiteful Brewing – which I still think of as the young, upstart brewery – recently turned nine. Like the brewery would be in 4th grade. Wow. They grow up so fast. I ventured to the taproom...

7 year surprise

Episode 364 – 7 Year Surprise

This year is our seventh as a podcast, and because we couldn’t throw a party like we usually do, we’re bringing the drunken fun inside your head holes. It’s certainly a nostalgia fest at times here as we relive our...

Third Space Brewing | Double Barrel Nexus

Third Space has been around for 4 years this month! Feels like forever ago we found out about them on our Brew City trip (it was July 2019), but they’ve been a constant presence in my house since then. The trip up isn’t that bad (Transient and Triptych – two of my other close but not really brewery faves – are a bit farther time-wise) and the beers are always solid at worst. So in honor of Third Space’s 4th anniversary, here’s Double Barrel Nexus!