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Three Year Bourbon Barrel Barleywine | Central Waters

Ah yes, Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine (BBB). Back when they were teenagers, Central Waters would release BBB during their anniversary party in late January along with their anniversary beer. Apparently that hasn’t been the case in the recent past,...

barreled souls honey pot

Honey Pot | Barreled Souls

hen planning a vacation, I always check to see what breweries I’ll be around. It usually becomes a combination of obvious choices and asking friends and the internet for help. For Portland, ME there were obvious choices (Allagash, Bissell Brothers, Oxbow) that I knew I was going to hit. Between interneters and locals, I managed to hit a few that I otherwise wouldn’t have, resulting in many of the breweries featured on our Portland, ME show. One brewery that kept getting mentioned, even though not in Portland, ME, was Barreled Souls.

midsummer deep wood

Midsummer Deep Wood Classic | Revolution

Revolution Brewing continues to attempt to take over the calendar with their barrel-aged Deep Wood releases. This year’s summer release happens only once but comprises three beers including one of – if not the – most desired beer in their portfolio. With all due respect to the MLB, I’m calling this release the Midsummer Deep Wood Classic.