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Episode 380 – MoBAB

Not to be confused with FoBAB (Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beers) or MOBAB (Missouri’s Board of Anime Bookstores), this episode simply promises more barrel-aged beers. Five dark beers with a few adjuncts and unique barrels thrown in, this lineup...

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GABF 2019: Thirsty For Gold

Here at The ABV Chicago Podcast, Global Corporation, and Profitarium Ⓡ, we enjoy a certain level of luxury that can often be hard to find at gigantic beer festivals. We demand only the finest liquids be poured into our diamond-encrusted...

Episode 78 – The MN Show

We continue our mission to drink the United States with a little help from listener Jeb who provided six Minnesota beers for this episode. And we’re positively blown away by some of the beers coming from the North Star state.