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bcbs 2018

Episode 251 – BCBS 2018 with Mike Siegel

Every Black Friday, Goose Island strives to deliver on a year-plus promise of bringing together consistent quality and technical innovation for a Bourbon County lineup that succeeds in besting the previous year’s. We sat down with Mike Siegel, head of...

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Episode 159 – BCBS Vertical

Eight years of Bourbon County tells an interesting story about Goose Island as a brewery, so we have the guy who is literally writing the book on it join us for a vertical tasting. Josh Noel from the Chicago Tribune...

Episode 44 – Bourbon County 2014

With another Black Friday approaching, we sat down to sample most of this year’s Bourbon County lineup, and things get soulful. If you’re looking for divisive opinions or a contrarian stance on the corporate-owned hype machine that is Bourbon County,...

Goose Island 312 Block Party 2014

So on I trekked to Goose Island’s 312 Block Party. Taking place around Goose Island’s main brewery, the Block Party features music acts next to a multitude of tents pouring Goose Island beer, plus a few new things this year.