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west coast chicago

Episode 382 – West Coast-Style Chicago

Trends with IPAs come and go, but the West Coast-style IPA is foundational for what craft beer is today. So when a bunch of awesome local breweries set aside their hazy tendencies to deliver something more bitter and clear, we’re...

milk of the murder hornet

Milk of the Murder Hornet – Peach | Hubbard’s Cave

I can’t believe I have a favorite milkshake IPA. Heck, I also have a favorite milkshake IPA series. (For those wondering, Hop Butcher’s Blazed Orange Milkshake (BOM) and Maplewood’s Mr. Shakey series, respectively.) I don’t really go crazy for the newest milkshake IPA release or even think to order one when I’m at a brewery. I’d sooner go with a West Coast IPA or something light, I guess. So it was divine providence that I even got to try Hubbard’s Cave Milk of the Murder Hornet.

brown ales

Episode 363 – Brown Ales

Though it may not be considered all that popular, the brown ale is resilient. Craft brewers have been making them for decades, and even now it’s more common to see a hyped-up brewery release a brown as a change-of-pace. To...

sweet treats

Episode 356 – Sweet Treats

If there’s ever been a month for careless indulgence, it would be December of 2020, so we’re going full-on dessert and pastry beer with some sweet treats for this episode. These five entries have us nostalgic for vacation ice cream...