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bourbon county 2023

Episode 516 – Bourbon County 2023

Recorded on Black Friday (and previously released a month ago for our Patreon subscribers), this episode is our return to the Bourbon County lineup – after managing to get ourselves uninvited from the Goose Island media tastings. Luckily, we have...

goose island shamrock stout

Shamrock Stout | Goose Island

It appears that this time of year brings out a fair amount of seasonal beers. Irish red ales, scotch ales, and dry stouts (or serf stouts if you’re Off Color) show up in force in late February and then disappear...

goose island bourbon county 2022

Bourbon County 2022: Rankings at First Sight

Craig:Goose Island just released their Bourbon County lineup for 2022 so of course we’re going to put out our snap judgements on them. In our first two years of doing this – 2020 and 2021 – we were kind of...

triptych forces way beyond our control

Forces Way Beyond Our Control | Triptych Brewing

It honestly feels like we feature Triptych Brewing more than we do. The variety of styles they produce typically match what a brewery like Revolution puts out. Only difference is Triptych is about two hours south in Savoy, IL and their beer infrequently makes it up to Chicago