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bourbon county 2019

Episode 307 – Bourbon County 2019

Wherein we consume over a gallon of Bourbon County, this episode attempts to balance detailed reviews with what is basically stunt drinking. We enlist the help of Beer on the Wall’s Ryan Tracy to try all eight variations under Goose...

bcbs 2018

Episode 251 – BCBS 2018 with Mike Siegel

Every Black Friday, Goose Island strives to deliver on a year-plus promise of bringing together consistent quality and technical innovation for a Bourbon County lineup that succeeds in besting the previous year’s. We sat down with Mike Siegel, head of...

Bourbon County 2018 lineup

First Impressions: Bourbon County 2018

We were fortunate enough to be invited by Goose Island to try their upcoming 2018 Bourbon County Brand lineup, featuring the most Bourbon County beers ever released by Goose Island in one year (a big thanks to Goose Island and...