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30 Most Memorable Beer Moments of 2015

The end of the year. A time for family, fun, and presents. And lists. So many lists. Pictures, memes, moments, villains, most searched, selfies, sports moments, events – you name it, there’s a list for it, and beer is no...

Episode 92 – Gueuze Crueuze

For this episode, we blend with the Johnsens – MC and Matt – for this special trip on the Gueuze Crueuze™. We taste-tour five Belgian gueuzes and attempt to rank them, which is mixed in with some lambic education, brewery...

Zwanze Day 2015

West Lakeview Liquors has always held the Illinois celebration of Cantillon’s Zwanze Day, and at least since 2012 (the first year I attended), it was a “show up and get a ticket” event. Things have changed over the years

Episode 51 – Cantillon

Now that we’re a year old, we can finally drink like grown-ups, while still behaving like children. So we attempt to class up the joint by drinking six fancy beers from Cantillon and inviting Ken Getty to join us.