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Coffee Bear | Hop Butcher

hen you hear the name Hop Butcher, you immediately think IPAs. And you’d be right to think that. A vast majority of their output comes in that form, whether a milkshake, double, triple, single, or pale ale.

revolution supermassive café deth

Revolution Brewing Supermassive Café Deth

Revolution’s releases have always been events. Their early releases (Very Mad Cow, Straight Jacket, the Genes) were more focused on the beer being released with a generous helping of some delicious Revolution brewpub bites. With the recent move to cans,...

Episode 154 – Coffee Stouts

A Craig divided against itself cannot stand – especially if he’s drinking a bunch of high ABV coffee stouts. We challenge Craig’s hatred of coffee and love of stouts by opening four flavorful beers on this one.