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staright ryeway

Episode 365 – Revolution: Straight to the Ryeway

We send off this season of Revolution‘s Deep Wood series by opening up some of their finest ‘wines. Big on barrel variation, this lineup of barleywines and ryewines features a few of the best things Revolution has ever done with...

revolution deep wood 2020 part 4

Deep Wood 2020 Part 4 | Revolution Brewing

Well it’s finally here. The end of it all. With Apple Brandy Ryeway and On & On: Part 1 releasing this Friday, January 22, 2021, Revolution ends its 2020/2021 Deep Wood series. What did you think I was talking about? Let’s jump right into it, with rankings of the entire Deep Wood lineup for the year at the end.

deth wish

Episode 359 – Revolution: Deth Wish

The imperial oatmeal stout at the heart of it all, Deth’s Tar may have seemed like a fun little pun back when it first came out of barrels in the early part of the decade, but now it’s clearly the...

revolution deep wood 2020

Deep Wood 2020 Part 3 | Revolution Brewing

The third (or fourth or sixth, depending on how you count it) Revolution Deep Wood 2020 of the season has arrived. The biggest variety of any release so far, this drop includes Ryeway to Heaven (ryewine), Mineshaft Gap (barleywine) and Double Barrel V.S.O.D (stout). Something for everyone!