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denver rare beer tasting 2022

Denver Rare Beer Tasting 2022

The Denver Rare Beer Tasting. The one event I’ve heard about but never had the foresight to purchase tickets before they sold out. This year’s, their Lucky 13th, did not sell out, which I’ll attribute to the after effects of...

gabf memories

Episode 349 – GABF Memories

For the first time since this podcast started almost seven years ago, there’s no trip to Denver to drink beer at the Great American Beer Festival – and we’re feeling a little sad about it. So we embark on a...

diet beers

Episode 281 – Diet Beers

Though we’d all like to pretend Hazy IPAs or pastry stouts represent the most significant trends in beer over the last decade or so, the real big money game-changer is the astronomical growth of Michelob Ultra. So how does craft...