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gabf memories

Episode 349 – GABF Memories

For the first time since this podcast started almost seven years ago, there’s no trip to Denver to drink beer at the Great American Beer Festival – and we’re feeling a little sad about it. So we embark on a...

GABF 2019

Episode 296 – GABF 2019

For three whole days, we are the masters of our domain – which is the expansive festival hall in Denver, Colorado for the Great American Beer Festival. We’re double dipping on this episode as we combine interviews from the festival...

gabf 2018 line

GABF 2019: Top 40 Breweries

Here at ABV Chicago, we deal heavily in arbitrarity. Weekly, we review and rank beers as they wrap around our particular personal preferences, so we acknowledge that our opinions shouldn’t be taken too seriously. When it comes to narrowing down...