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hop butcher quarantine

Episode 332 – Hop Butcher for the Quarantine

Even though people are chasing pre-orders instead of trucks these days, Hop Butcher is still as hot as ever thanks to their consistent schedule of mostly hoppy – and mostly hazy – releases. The variation amongst these six beers is...

weldwerks 2

Episode 255 – WeldWerks 2.0

When Neil Fisher crushes your porch with a big box of WeldWerks beer for sampling, you don’t hesitate to revel in the flavorful delights contained within. Recorded in October, this 2nd edition (in ten episodes) of us marvelling at the...

Episode 191 – Kane Brewing

The third show in our own Jersey Trilogy (thanks to listener Mike Bobal), we finally get to try more from a brewery that’s blown us away at festivals in the past – Kane Brewing.