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it's always hazy

It’s Always Hazy (Mosaic) | Swinging Bridge

Finally made it to 2021 and, lo and behold, we’re in the 2020 Director’s Cut/Extended Edition. I should have just purchased the VHS copy of 2020. There is still beer being made, so that means there is still beer to...

revolution hazy

Episode 295 – Rev Against the Machine

Already an established force in IPAs, Revolution was curiously slow to embrace the hazier varieties. Not rushing in has afforded them the ability to learn from others and perfect their approach, starting over the last year through wildly popular test...

haze buds

Episode 277 – Haze Buds

What’s better than hanging with your buds and sipping on some murky hop suds? We don’t know because everyone’s preferences are subjective! On this episode, we drink five hazy IPAs that happen to be collaborations between local breweries and their...