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torture test 666

Episode 455 – Torture Test 666: Beer of the Beast

Unknowable horrors await us on our sixth annual Torture Test show, wherein we try to find weird, old, and terrible beers to blindly afflict one another, and this one’s crawling with impossible-to-guess styles and shapeshifting ABV. We try to avoid...


Abraxas (2021) | Perennial Artisan Ales

Abraxas and I have a nice little history together. I tried it for the first time and subsequently purchased bottles way back in 2012, the same day of the first Revolution Deep Wood release of Very Mad Cow and the...

Episode 76 – Pils Pils Pils

Achtung Chicago! On this episode, it’s a pilsner face-off between Germany and Chicago as we review eight of these pale-malted and lightly-hopped lagers to determine the definitive LAND OF PILSNERS.