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sour ipas

Episode 227 – Chicago Sour IPAs

As an amalgamation of two styles seen as so disparate in their processes, it’s easy to call Sour IPAs a gimmick – a style that cannot nor should not exist – or simply, liquid clickbait.

Episode 184 – Hops for Downloads

We love hops – and more importantly, our listening audience loves hops too. So to keep pushing those download numbers higher, we take our palates to the limit with six random hoppy beers.

Episode 155 – Chi NEIPAs

  Bring your bendy straw, we’re dipping into some juicy, hazy New England-style IPAs made locally. Whether it’s an actual style or not, stores can hardly keep any brewery’s NEIPA in stock – so we evaluate seven of them in...

Episode 104 – Beers for Bowie

To clumsily pay tribute the only way we know how, we drink some beers to honor David Bowie that have some tangential relationship to his career. And though we don’t attempt to give Bowie a proper send off, the beers...