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supermoon launchdown

Launchdown | Supermoon Brewing Co.

Supermoon began when Rob Brennan moved back to Milwaukee from Chicago. You might recognize Rob (as I did) from his time at Penrose Brewing in Geneva, IL. He helped start the brewery, acting as the sales manager for its first four years. Supermoon focuses on mixed fermentation farmhouse-style beers. Located in the Bay View area of Milwaukee (like a four minute drive from 1840 Brewing), the former general store-style building will eventually become Supermoon’s taproom. Beers are released when they’re ready and typically there’s a release every month or so. Launchdown is one of those releases.

1840 brewing

Episode 315 – 1840 Brewing

Back in July, we were lucky enough to spend a little time with Kyle Vetter at his 1840 Brewing in Milwaukee (which you can hear on our Brew City episode), and since then we’ve been dreaming about getting five bottles...

brew city

Episode 287 – Brew City

Milwaukee’s great reputation as the home of brewers (and The Brewers) was long built on cheap adjunct lagers. But in three years time, the Brew City has been reborn as a craft beer destination. Ryan and Craig had a torrid...

eagle park

Episode 286 – Eagle Park Brewing Company

Even though they’re not even three years old, Eagle Park Brewing Company has already acquired its third location to brew their top-tier beers to serve the Milwaukee area. We chat with co-owners Max Borgardt and Jake Schinker about their explosive...