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half acre far and away

Half Acre’s Far And Away: Beer List Breakdown

This past Friday, Half Acre released the beer list “as we know it” for their first invitational beer fest, Far and Away. The festival, which takes place on Saturday, October 13th atop the Harris Theater in Millennium Park, is comprised...

Episode 89 – Saisons Across America

We load up the wagon for a cross-country tour of saisons, and we go all ‘Murica on you anyways despite drinking delicate Belgian-style beers. On this episode, we review five saisons from five different states all over this great land.

Zwanze Day 2015

West Lakeview Liquors has always held the Illinois celebration of Cantillon’s Zwanze Day, and at least since 2012 (the first year I attended), it was a “show up and get a ticket” event. Things have changed over the years

GABF 2014: Craig’s Thursday

The Great American Beer Festival. GABF. Craft beer’s Mecca, Holy Grail, Citizen Kane – whichever superlative you wish. For three days every year, usually in October, craft beer creators, consumers and others interested descend upon Denver, Colorado to try and...