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Mikerphone Smells Like A Beer Fest 2021

Mike Pallen is hands-down one of the nicest people in beer, and his ever-expanding friends list is proof enough of that. Each year, Mikerphone’s Smells Like A Beer Fest is a showcase of the extremely talented friends and collaboration partners...

SIP Dark

Episode 324 – SIP Dark

As we continue our shelter-in-place recordings, this time we’ve got a somewhat random mix of dark beers to distract us from *gestures broadly* and get us nearly incoherent by rankings time. Whether teeming with adjuncts or not, these five Midwestern...

half acre far and away

Half Acre’s Far And Away: Beer List Breakdown

This past Friday, Half Acre released the beer list “as we know it” for their first invitational beer fest, Far and Away. The festival, which takes place on Saturday, October 13th atop the Harris Theater in Millennium Park, is comprised...

st louis

Episode 236 – St. Louis Six

This one’s for all you Breeniacs out there. Listener Don Kasak hooked us up with a mixed bunch of St. Louis goodies, and ranking them does not prove to be easy.