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Episode 380 – MoBAB

Not to be confused with FoBAB (Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beers) or MOBAB (Missouri’s Board of Anime Bookstores), this episode simply promises more barrel-aged beers. Five dark beers with a few adjuncts and unique barrels thrown in, this lineup...

april 2021

ABV Chicago Monthly Sampler: April 2021

Each month, we like to highlight twelve beers we found personally interesting, delicious, or exciting from (mostly) local sources with the hopes of passing on our recommendations to those that are interested in reading arbitrary reviews. Some of these drinks...

third space mocha pie

Deconstructed Dessert Mocha Pie | Third Space

Third Space Brewing, at least for me, has become a must stop whenever I go to or through Milwaukee. They brew a range of styles and almost all hit their intended mark. Things like Happy Place and Unite the Clans win awards and are sold at Brewers’ games. Their stouts, on the other hand, currently sit at a .333 batting average with me, with only Mystic Knot being a home run. (The other two being Double Barrel Nexus and Haunted Barrel 2019.) I’m hopeful their Deconstructed Dessert Mocha Pie can get that batting average to .500.

baltic porters

Episode 372 – Baltic Porters

Despite the allure of warmer temperatures, we’re not quite ready to be done with stout season. So we grab the next-closest seasonally appropriate alternative: baltic porters! In our latest episode in our Prestige Styles Series, these five beers challenge what...