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200 | Hightower Brewing

Traveling has returned! After a year-plus of staying home, getting out of the house and seeing the outside world and people (I guess) is very much welcomed. My first big travel stop happened to be Pittsburgh, mainly to visit family on my wife’s side. So of course breweries were on my list of things to do. Upon contacting some Pittsburgh people about what breweries to hit, one that wasn’t on my radar kept coming up – Hightower Brewing.

hop butcher monster cave

Hop Butcher for the World | Monster Cave

I always wonder where Hop Butcher comes up with the names for their beers. Monster Cave has nothing to do with the hop combo or a pop culture reference. I’d like to think it’s closer to something like a man...

Episode 186 – Carton Brewing

From the tip of New Jersey’s elbow, Carton Brewing makes beers sometimes born of unusual inspiration that combine culinary artistry with just the right amount of whimsy. Listener Mike Bobal sent us six Carton beers for this one, and the...