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kelsmas 1840 brewing

Kelsmas | 1840 Brewing

I love when breweries take chances and do weird things. Not necessarily putting weird or an excessive amount of things into the mash tun, but trying different things with traditional styles. My eyes light up and it makes me want...

foreign exchange aliena

Foreign Exchange | Aliena

Foreign Exchange is Ricky Cervantes. Starting out in 2016 in his 18th floor Aurora apartment, Cervantes currently brews Foreign Exchange beers out of Church Street Brewing in Itasca, IL (but that will change at some point in the near future)....

ba vanilla stouts

Episode 265 – BA Vanilla Stouts Blind

With a secondary price tag higher than our mortgage payments, this show is an embarrassment of riches in flavor and in rarity. But will we be embarrassed by our blind rankings of eight barrel-aged vanilla stouts released in 2018? You...

Episode 195 – Vanilla Stout Bottle Share

For many years now, vanilla has been the adjunct that takes a beer’s status from gold to platinum, instantly raising its secondary value to ridiculous levels. Not wanting to waste a drop, we invited a bunch of our friends