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barrels out west

Episode 502 – Barrels Out West

In the week that we’re heading out west for a certain fest, we gather up four barrel-aged beers from West Coast breweries that are pretty well-known for their wood-aged offerings. Expectations are flipped on their head and a ringer is...

3 floyds zombie ice

Zombie Ice | 3 Floyds

It seems like when you make a smash IP – whether it be a movie, video game, or even a beer – you run it into the ground. Jurassic Park? Six movies have been released in the series (I honestly...

west coast chicago

Episode 382 – West Coast-Style Chicago

Trends with IPAs come and go, but the West Coast-style IPA is foundational for what craft beer is today. So when a bunch of awesome local breweries set aside their hazy tendencies to deliver something more bitter and clear, we’re...