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fobab fantasy draft

ABV Chicago’s Fantasy FoBAB League: 2023 Draft Results

With the Festival of Wood and Barrel-aged Beers returning this weekend for the 21st time and the awards set for Saturday afternoon (which you can stream from the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild YouTube page at 2PM), we will be in attendance with our...

hoppy wheats

Episode 495 – Hoppy Wheats

It’s another show about highly drinkable summer styles, and this minor trend of local breweries releasing hopped-up wheat beers caught our attention enough to put five beers in front of us for review. The styles differ despite their shared ingredient,...

haze court

Episode 429 – Haze Court

We’ve been summoned to do our civic duty in Haze Court, giving five hazy beers their due process through our arbitrary‚Ķarbitration. We’re ready to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that we should drop the charges against haze, and sentence...