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supermoon cellargeist

Cellargeist | Supermoon Beer Company

Sometimes it really doesn’t take much to get me psyched about a place. Supermoon Beer Company out of Milwaukee mainly produces small batch saisons in an awesome space – a house converted into a brewery. (Listen all about it here.)...

keeping 2gether

Episode 415 – Keeping 2gether

A sequel to one of our favorite shows of 2021 might seem rushed, but Keeping Together’s time in Chicago is limited. For this one, we drink five more of Averie Swanson’s artful creations in an exercise that honestly feels shamelessly...

supermoon launchdown

Launchdown | Supermoon Brewing Co.

Supermoon began when Rob Brennan moved back to Milwaukee from Chicago. You might recognize Rob (as I did) from his time at Penrose Brewing in Geneva, IL. He helped start the brewery, acting as the sales manager for its first four years. Supermoon focuses on mixed fermentation farmhouse-style beers. Located in the Bay View area of Milwaukee (like a four minute drive from 1840 Brewing), the former general store-style building will eventually become Supermoon’s taproom. Beers are released when they’re ready and typically there’s a release every month or so. Launchdown is one of those releases.

keeping together

Episode 388 – Keeping Together

Keeping Together, the saison-focused project from Averie Swanson, has brought world-class mixed culture farmhouse-style beers to Chicago – if even for all too short of a time. We catch up with Averie about the future of Keeping Together as its...