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keeping together

Episode 388 – Keeping Together

Keeping Together, the saison-focused project from Averie Swanson, has brought world-class mixed culture farmhouse-style beers to Chicago – if even for all too short of a time. We catch up with Averie about the future of Keeping Together as its...

afterthought tradition

Afterthought Brewing | Tradition: Double Gin Barrel Aged

Very quietly and unassumingly, Afterthought has grown. They began with only their Blended Barrel membership program and being available only at The Beer Cellar in Glen Ellyn. They have expanded (limitedly) to other beer stores and eventually signed with Do Right Distribution. A taproom is coming soon. Things are happening.

keeping together i am because we are

Keeping Together | I Am Because We Are

Chicago has been undergoing a saisonissance recently. Including the 2017 debut of Afterthought Brewing (at our Saisonathon), three dedicated saison breweries that have opened in and around Chicago. While that’s not many compared to breweries that have opened in that...

saisonathon live

Episode 276 – Saisonathon 2019 Live

For the third straight year – and our first at Forbidden Root – we celebrated Illinois Craft Beer Week by bringing together some of the area’s best saisons and saison brewers. On this episode recorded (mostly) live at Forbidden Root,...