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Table Beer | Away Days/nebuleus

There’s just something about table beers. Well, good table beers. While not the sexiest or most boundary pushing beer on the list, the table beer gets the job done. As I said on our Just Tables show, I typically drink...

just tables

Episode 448 – Just Tables

It’s our job to bring together five local table beers (and deal with Eddie Munster), so we seek to further understand this lighter cousin of saison by talking with Mike Thorpe of Afterthought Brewing about the style and his TableFest™...


Episode 310 – Under the Table and Drinking

It’s flavorful yet restrained. It’s refreshing and sessionable. And it’s loosely bound by any real style designation. It’s the table beer! We explore five Chicago-area takes on this non-style that seems to borrow a little magic from Belgian farmhouses before...