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decade end survey

ABV Chicago’s Arbitrary Decade-End Survey (and Raffle!)

Being teachers, we value feedback, revision, and “teachable moments” even when it comes to our silly beer podcast. So, we’re gathering feedback about our show, in addition to some outside perspective about the last ten years in beer. To encourage...

summer passport

Summer Craig Summer Passport Contest

Summer Craig is coming. Summer Craig is what we all look forward to in life. It’s not only a yearly reawakening, but also a state of mind. An ethos. The nectar that is life. Summer Craig is everyone that gets...

Bitter Pops Advent Calendar

ABV Chicago’s Bitter Pops Advent Calendar 2018 Raffle

We’ve teamed with Bitter Pops to throw a raffle revolving around their 2018 Bitter Pops Advent Calendar! So how exactly do you enter this raffle? 1. Get the Bitter Pops Advent Calendar. (Use the code abvchi-bpadvent to get $10 off.)...