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cafe maison

Episode 330 – Café a la Maison

Since you won’t find either of us sitting on some coffeehouse patio anytime soon, we’re bringing the coffee home in the form of five stouts. While they all deliver the caffeine and the booze, each beer stands on its own...

abv sampler may 2020

ABV Chicago Monthly Sampler: May 2020

As I sit here assembling this post, taproom patios in the suburbs are preparing to open for the first time in months. Chicago won’t be far behind. While I’m excited for a return to somewhat normalcy, I’m also hesitant to...

sip lagers

Episode 327 – SIP Lagers

We were already becoming very good at staying home and drinking copious amounts of lager before this whole mess, so it’s only natural that we shelter-in-place with a rich lineup of bottom-fermenting beers.  Featuring six different lager styles from six...