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Oak Park Microbrew Review 2014

There’s that old joke about Chicago having only two seasons – winter and construction – but there’s one that may be even lengthier than either: craft beer festival season.

Episode 23 – Hoppy Chicago

Like everyone else, we love hoppy beers, especially when fresh and local! We have five young pales from area breweries while playing our newest game, Hop Bingo.

Episode 17 – Bee’s Knees and Chicago Brews

We kick off Chicago Craft Beer Week with Chris Ferguson from Bee’s Knees, a food company specializing in craft beer snacks. Along with five nut varieties, we open five local beers based on pairing suggestions provided by Bee’s Knees.

Episode 15 – Wheat Home Chicago

We give wheat a chance with six different Chicago-area breweries that feature warmer-weather friendly wheat! There are a variety of styles, an enlightening history of wheat, and even some lemon bars made with Off Color’s Troublesome. We also ruminate on...