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grave jacket to heaven revolution

Episode 419 – Grave Jacket to Heaven

We’re finishing off this season’s Deep Wood series from Revolution by doing all the non-stouts – and in many ways we’ve saved the best for last. Though the barrels deservedly get top-billing, it’s hard to ignore how dialed-in the base...

revolution faces of deth deth's tar

Episode 411 – Faces of Deth

This is Deep Wood Stout Edition 2021 for our fourth Barrel-Aged December episode, as we drink through the five Revolution stouts in their fall/winter specialty release series. Each year, this lineup finds a new way to step forward – and...

revolution deep wood 2021

Deep Wood 2021 Part 3 | Revolution Brewing

evolution continues its assault on my wallet with their third Deep Wood release of the season. This release features – for the first time this year – two new, never released before and never tapped before (as far as I can tell) beers