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oxford comma stouts

Episode 393 – Oxford Comma Stouts

If you’re going to toss the whole pastry shelf into your stout, we better see some proper punctuation. For this episode, we’ve gathered five stouts that are on a three-adjunct minimum, and we sacrifice our daily calorie count by bringing...

third space mocha pie

Deconstructed Dessert Mocha Pie | Third Space

Third Space Brewing, at least for me, has become a must stop whenever I go to or through Milwaukee. They brew a range of styles and almost all hit their intended mark. Things like Happy Place and Unite the Clans win awards and are sold at Brewers’ games. Their stouts, on the other hand, currently sit at a .333 batting average with me, with only Mystic Knot being a home run. (The other two being Double Barrel Nexus and Haunted Barrel 2019.) I’m hopeful their Deconstructed Dessert Mocha Pie can get that batting average to .500.

epoch narrative fermentations

Epoch | Narrative Fermentations

Last year I won a fantasy baseball league where the prizes consisted of boxes of beer. In the same box as the Private Press Beyond Forever, I also received a beer from Narrative Fermentations. I had never heard of this brewery and am always willing to try out new things, so I decided to give Epoch a go.