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oxford comma stouts

Episode 393 – Oxford Comma Stouts

If you’re going to toss the whole pastry shelf into your stout, we better see some proper punctuation. For this episode, we’ve gathered five stouts that are on a three-adjunct minimum, and we sacrifice our daily calorie count by bringing...

bourbon county 2020

Bourbon County 2020 Too Soon Variant Rankings

The Bourbon County 2020 lineup has finally been revealed! Although it feels like the announcement was made later than usual (but then again, everything feels later than usual nowadays), it still brought about the usual fervor and blog posts and...

maplewood barrel aged cuppa breakfast

Maplewood Barrel Aged Cuppas

Maplewood has finally joined the barrel-aged can game with their first two releases happening – coincidentally – the weekend of the Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beers. Whereas as breweries like Revolution and Mikerphone release theirs in a 12...